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A Flower We Saw That Day

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That time in 2001 is the first time I watched Shingo-mama and "Orange" performance from 2000 S map Concert in TV, I was only 3 years old back then. Since 2001 I have been following SMAP. Many wonderful things keep happening since that time. Through SMAP, I meet many good friends. With SMAP, I can do anything. I can't imagine if suddenly SMAP disappear, I won't be able to do anything. I'm still alive now because SMAP keep my dreams alive. I will keep supporting and loving them first as human being and second as idols♥
That time in Bistro SMAP, when I watched it very carefully, I can't help but give all of my loves for a man who was born in 1972.08.18, Nakai Masahiro. His acts, his smiles, his face, his voice, I can't let it go from my heart. I'm living all my life everyday with mind full of this man. He is my idol, my one and only. If other fans usually said, "More than my *ichiban-name*, I love all 5 men-SMAP", I said, "More than all 5 men-SMAP, I love Nakai Masahiro the best." I really won't be able to alive without this man, really. Even until now, I can't stop loving him♥
That first SMAPxSMAP episode I watched, I encountered Takuya x Nakai relationship, 2TOP, there's just something about them that I can't resist. They're so cute together, it seems like they're loving and caring each other so much but they won't show it. Nakai is the Leader in back, Takuya is the Captain in front. So far yet so close♥
That time I saw myself, I realized that I can't resist and can't stop loving these 5 men♥
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